Canada’s west coast has been responsible for one of the most exciting local house scenes in recent years. Referencing jazz, funk and new age sounds, the loose crew that’s formed around labels such as Mood Hut, Pacific Rhythm and 1080p ply a sound that’s pleasantly hazy without hiding behind walls of distortion. Today we look at fifteen of the best tracks from Vancouver and the related scene, and some exciting future releases beneath the playlist.

Project Pablo – Sky Lounge
Florist – Marine Drive
Bluntman Deejay – Astat (Real)
D. Tiffany – Tranq Moon
Pender Street Steppers – The Glass City
Local Artist – Feelings
House of Doors – Starcave
Neo Image – So
Hashman Deejay – Tangerine
Lnrdcroy – I Met You On BC Ferries
Khotin – Human Voice
Ttam Renat – Messages
Jack J – Something (On My Mind)
Cloudface – Devonian Garden
Journeymann Traxx – Ice Sheets

Some interesting releases coming soon from the best of the west:

  • A stellar EP from young gun Jayda G, out last month on Freakout Cult.
  • family effort from Mood Hut on Japan’s Snaker label.
  • This hot slice forthcoming from Neo Image.