We’re a big fan of breakbeats here at White Noise. So much so that in 2013 we explored the re-emergence of breaks into the UK’s techno scene. But techno isn’t the only genre of club that’s been having fun with flipped amen breaks over the past few years.

A lot of house producers, particularly on the lofi end, have been drawing out the softer possibilities of these ricocheting drum patterns. They wrap the breaks in billowing cushions of ambience, add a few choice synth motifs and let hypnosis do its job.

Here we’ve put together some of our favourite dreamy house cuts with prominent breakbeats, including a couple of nudges towards the techno spectrum at the end.

Regelbau – A1
Octo Octa – Dresses
András – Gold Coast (Surfer’s Paradise Mix)
DJ Sotofett presents Bhakti Crew – Sunrise Mix
Dance – Still
Ex-Terrestrial – Blue Smoke
PLO Man – Rare Plastic
Daze – Lips (’94 Original DAT Dub)
A Sagittariun – Eye Against Eye
Efdemin – Parallaxis (Traumprinz’s Over 2 The End Version)

As a special gift, we’ve got one more dreamy breakbeat number for you, from a friend of White Noise, ace selector DJ Der. This one’s unreleased at the moment, so listen while you can on Soundcloud.