It’s playlist time on White Noise, where we look deep into our vaults and come up with a fresh selection of tunes, old or new, for your weekend listening.

For the inaugural 10 Cuts we’re looking at musicians bringing funk into the 21st century, a lot of them involved with American labels People’s Potential Unlimited and Omega Supreme. These artists take the classic genre’s syrupy bass riffs and emphasis on the offbeats and modernise them, replacing vocals with virtuosic synth jams and crunchy drum machines. Here’s ten of the best.


Sven Atterton – The Cove

Benedek – Breeze

Jex Opolis – DZE

Tryezz – Sitting Back Sidewayz

Rhythm Based Lovers – Boogie Vision

Moon B – Green Sky

Psychic Mirrors – Charlene

First Touch – Beweg Dein Körper

Kyle Hall – Dervenen

Dam-Funk – Hood Pass Intact