While trends come and go, few genres fell further from grace than Italo-disco. For the uninitiated, the term refers to a style of ultra-garish electronic pop produced in Italy in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The rudimentary synth melodies and disaffected lyrics, often sung in wonky-accented English, were briefly all the rage (even influencing early house practitioners in the US) and then promptly sank to the very depths of uncool.

But last decade Italo had an unexpected renaissance. Key mixes from the likes of I-f and Morgan Geist brought out the genre’s fun and naiveté, and the influence of italo can now be heard across a range of modern electro, techno and house releases.

For today’s playlist we’ve rounded up ten of our favourite Italo cuts, and a few foreign efforts that fit the bill perfectly.

Doctor’s Cat – Feel The Drive
I.M.S – Dancing Therapy
Casco – Cybernetic Love
Big Ben Tribe – Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights
Gaz Nevada – Special Agent Man (Female Version)
Q – The Voice of “Q”
Jago – I’m Going To Go
The Flirts – Calling All Boys
Charlie – Spacer Woman
Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes D’Amour