After a flurry of releases when he first broke out, Anthony Naples has slowed to a less hurried pace recently. Last year saw only a subtle two-tracker on Trilogy Tapes, which offered sedate electro grooves for low-lit dancefloors. The gentler release schedule seems to suit Naples, giving him time to make each hardware jam count.

The tracks on Us Mix are relatively spare, each constructed from just a few layers of sound. Naples uses this to his advantage, teasing out the hypnotic potential of each drum pattern and colourful melody, his elements rough-hewn but carefully chosen and patiently paced. Sky Flowers is an obvious hit, its deliberate stomp and ambient pads assaulted by a series of serrated synthlines that recall vintage electro. Naples once again contrasts bright melodies with grittier effects on Seelo, where wheeling keys and gentle hand-percussion is underscored by what sounds like malfunctioning printer.

The B-side is just as assured. On the low-lit shuffle of At Ease the piano and clattering rhythm are lent an aquatic blur by effects, while the title track is a nimble slice of filter-house, rolling along gently without ever quite breaking the surface. More than ever Naples sounds at home in his style, content to hit upon a winning combination and just let it play out.