It’s that time of the month again – all the best tunes from the last four weeks in one handy playlist. We’ve gone heavy on the techno in August, from sleek Detroit numbers to manic bass hybrids and deeper-than-deep club cuts.



Kornél Kovács – BB
Unknown Artist (Mood Hut) – Better
Earth Boys – In My Element
KiNK – Valentine’s Groove
Vrrs – Brique [EP REVIEW]
Èbony vs ‘R’ – Real Truth
Lost Scripts – S.O.P.
Fantastic Man – Trance Sexual [EP REVIEW]
Minor Science – Underripe
Pearson Sound – XLB
S Olbricht – 137x3brk
Orson Wells – G.I.T.S
Bored Young Adults – Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach
Lnrdcroy – Kali Yuga
Rezzett – Doyce
DJ Fett Burger – No-No 4 B
Will Long – Chumps (Sprinkles Overdub)