Here’s White Noise’s favourite songs of the last two months, including a few that slipped through our net earlier in the year. It’s a bumper package spanning all our favourite styles, get stuck in.

We kick off on the sunny side, with top soulful house from Damiano Von Erckert, Braque, Chaos In The CBD, and new blood Flørist. Things get deeper and stranger via new material from top producers John Roberts and DJ Richard, alongside new slices from 45 ACP and CAll Super. Bicep and Midland keep the heat up in darker waters, before we descend to full-on electro with Helena Hauff, Aurora Halal and intriguing new voice Rita Furstenhof.

Leon Vynehall – Midnight On Rainbow Road [LP Review]
Damiano Von Erckert – We Flow ft Amalia
Flørist – Final Bounce
Laguna Ladies – Egyptian Bag (Moomin Remix)
Braque – Diners En Ville
Chaos In The CBD – Midnight In Peckham [EP Review]
Bell Towers – Hyper – Realised – Self [EP Review]
DJ Richard – Vampire Dub [LP Review]
John Roberts – Orah
45 ACP – Fjm
Call Super – Meltintu
Jayda G & Fett Burger – Velvet Vortex (Sleep D Rainforest Version)
Severed Heads – Greater Reward (Piano Power Edit)
Paradise 100 – Heat.Wav
Lipelis – Weirdshit Xu Paelk (ft. Simple Symmetry)
Khotin – Sorry Sequence
Midland – Stop (Don’t Let The Beat)
Bicep – Carmine [LP Review]
Rita Furstenhof – Hadron Collider
Helena Hauff – L’Homme Mort
Aurora Halal – Shapeshifter [EP Review]
Andrea – Outlines
2 8 1 4 – 恢复