Best of 2017:
Experimental / Club
Ambient / Balearic

Albums & EPs

While 4/4 club music will always be close to the heart of what we cover at White Noise, most of 2017’s most exciting music saw traditional house and techno scuffed, twisted or spliced with new DNA. The straight stuff just didn’t sound as fresh when there was so much music coming out that sounded genuinely new.

This was a year we found our ears tiring of regular rhythms. Skee Mask offered a genuinely fresh take on breakbeat-infused techno, particularly on his second ISS release for Ilian Tape, which traded urgency for hypnotic atmospherics and an emotive edge. DJ Sports pulled off a similarly impressive revival on his Modern Species album, lovingly referencing the tropes of 90s club music without sounding derivative. It’s ok to look to the past in your music, as long as you’ve got something new to say about it.

Two albums that played with Latin American rhythms came out top this year. First was DJ Python’s blissful Dulce Compañia, which was essentially gentle balearic stitched to reggaeton’s characteristic dembow beat. One of those ideas that sounds bad until you hear it – then you wonder why no one ever did it before. Ninos Du Brasil pulled off a much darker trick on their Vida Eterna album, fusing Brazilian batucada drums with kinetic techno, all wild animal cries and restrained fury.

The sounds didn’t need to be polished to stand out, either. The lofi house trend has launched a thousand derivative Soundcloud uploads, but a handful of producers made a raw aesthetic work for them. Not Waving returned to Diagonal for another album of brutal, punkish techno on Good Luck, while Terekke went a gentler route on his pillowy debut LP for L.I.E.S. Special mention goes to Palmbomen II, whose four-part Memories of Cindy EP series should stand as a lesson in subtlety and genuine feeling to the lofi wannabes.

We had a few compilations on heavy rotation as well this year, two of which were courtesy of Dutch DJ Young Marco – both his superb Dekmantel Selectors comp and his timely introduction to Italian dream house Welcome To Paradise were like digger’s crack. New Dutch label Kalahari Oyster Cult scored a gem with their collection of early 90’s tunes from Raymond Castoldi, a forgotten house legend who more recently played the organ for sports games at Madison Square Gardens.


Here’s a mix of house and disco from White Noise resident DJ Moth.


Here’s a playlist, in no particular order, of our top house and techno tracks from 2017.


Pacific Coliseum – Wave Catalyst (High Tide)
D. Tiffany – How Ru Plush feat. Regularfantasy
Jayda G & Laylay – Monroe Bumpa
Leif – Shoulders Back
Ross From Friends – Romeo, Romeo
Bullion – Blue Pedro
Snacks – Order To The Senses (Kornél Kovács Remix)
SJ Tequilla – Sweet Salt
So Inagawa – Airier
Kareem Kool – 退化
Person of Interest – Lost1
Tuff Sherm – Squire Skull
Machine Woman – Camile From OHM Makes Me Feel Loved
Rhode & Brown – Black Cardigan
DJ Sports – Parallax
Shanti Celeste – Make Time
Objekt – Theme From Q
Schwefelgelb – Im Wasser
Ninos Du Brasil – Condenado por un Idioma Desconhecido
Tomás Urquieta – Koob
Stratton – Smelling Salts
Hodge & Peder – All My Love
Bufiman – Peace Moves (DJ Normal 4 Ever Armistice Mix)
DJ Richard – Path of Ruin (Pain Mix)
S.O.N.S – A New Life (Planet Earth Mix)
Kettenkarussell – Brueder
Ploy – Zoom
Neo Image – Positive Pressure
Shinichi Atobe – Regret

…and one more for those who found it a difficult year, and need a little comfort and a confidence boost to step into 2018: