hot sauce cetait bon

Hot Sauce – C’etait Bon, Tres Bon

This sultry joint was one of the first records from a young Maurice Fulton, issued in 1998 on Finnish label Puu. Puu comes under the umbrella of the cult Sähko ... >>

Cottam – 002B

Since putting his name on the map with a trio of slow-burning releases in 2009, Paul Cottam has been as consistent as they come. He's dabbled in acid and techie... >>
todd modes native visions

Todd Modes – Knossos

Todd Modes, one of the lesser-known lights of the Detroit house scene, resurfaced late last year with an EP on the consistently excellent FIT Sound label. The N... >>

Fabrizio Lapiana – 1003B

This mesmerising slice of techno comes courtesy of Rome's Fabrizio Lapiana, the owner of Attic Records and former associate of M_REC. It starts out simple enoug... >>
sound stream good soul

Sound Stream – Good Soul

When it comes to the world of disco house there's good music, great music and then there's Sound Stream. It's not clear exactly what Frank Timm does so differen... >>
john beltran days of blue

John Beltran – Deluge

Michigan's John Beltran has spent his musical career as a shapeshifter. From his early work with Carl Craig to his more recent TV-friendly ambient work, Beltran... >>
folamour oyabun

Folamour – Novalaise

After a decade out of the spotlight, the last couple of years have seen French producers returning to underground dance with a vengeance. The likes of Antinote ... >>
steaua de mare

Steaua de Mare – Babadag

Flying over Romania today with a funky nugget from Bucharest's psychadelic troupe Steaua de Mare. Babadag keeps things grounded with a deep bassline and shimmer... >>
denis sulta sulta selects

Denis Sulta – Saturday Nite

Glaswegian producer Denis Sulta has in two years shifted from obscurity to one of the city's leading lights. His EPs for Dixon Avenue Basement Jams are house st... >>
paul johnson feel the music

Paul Johnson – Hear The Music

Since he exploded onto the Chicago scene in the early 90's, Paul Johnson has been one of the most impressive and prolific house producers of the Windy City. He ... >>
andronicus make you whole

Andronicus – Make You Whole

Many of the 90's house tunes being exhumed and put back in the clubs at the moment share a relaxed, soulful quality. This is likely because these are the sounds... >>
moodymann why do u feel

Moodymann – Why Do U Feel

Kenny Dixon Jr requires no introduction. His career has given Detroit's house scene some of its most legendary songs, albums and sounds, and his ability to keep... >>

Nightwind – Later For That

Today we're digging up a red-hot slice of funk from back in '82. Nightwind were a popular St. Louis session band at the beginning of the decade, releasing a cou... >>
tyree nuthin wrong

Tyree – Nuthin Wrong

Tyree Cooper is a true veteran of the Chicago house scene, responsible for some of the genre's key anthems, the short-lived 'hip house' wave and a slew of gritt... >>
jun kamoda the clay

Jun Kamoda – The Clay

Mister Saturday Night have an excellent reputation for sourcing new talent, having launched the careers of Anthony Naples, Keita Sano and Hank Jackson, as well ... >>