S. Moreira – MIA

Berlin's Slow Life collective is gathering steam like nobody's business, with an RA feature and a compilation on the way after only five releases. It just goes ... >>

Tongi – He’s On The Run

Not much is known about Tongi, but this ultra-rare slice of funk from '83 will leave you wanting to investigate further. Strapped to the sultry groove are a set... >>

Antonio – Hyperfunk

Bleaker's raw Hype (Funk) riddim from last year on Unknown To The Unknown made us go back to listen to the UK garage track that made the vocal famous back in 19... >>

J. Alvarez – Suncid

A handful of producers have taken the opportunity to explore the more melancholy possibilities of the 303 acid sound, notably Tin Man with his Acido imprint and... >>

Acid Arab – Samira

Versatile's Acid Arab have spent the last few years mining the unexpectedly fertile pasture between traditional Middle Eastern music and contemporary techno. Ov... >>

Joris Voorn – Incident

Dutch producer Joris Voorn has in recent years turned his eye towards pop-leaning tech house, but in his early days he was responsible for a monster slice of te... >>

Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue

Edinburgh's Athens Of The North imprint has put out a stellar run of funk reissues since it opened in 2014, including this classic, but for our money the best s... >>

The Bermuda Triangle – Freya

Much of the crop of 90's deep house that diggers are currently obsessing over sounds distinctly of its time. As a result, some of that period's more forward-thi... >>

Ingleton Falls – Mind Yer Head

When Ingleton Falls' cassette 'Champagne In Mozambique' was released in 1993, the tape was housed inside a hollowed-out book from the (fictional?) Ingleton Fall... >>

Pépé Bradock – 18 Carats

Thanks to his veritable deep house anthems Deep Burnt and Path Of Most Resistance, Pépé Bradock has long been riding high as one of France's very best producers... >>

Skatebard – Conga

Norway's Sex Tags label has built itself up the old fashioned way: a unique vision, little promotion and talent to spare. The crew have been in action for more ... >>

Jean Adebambo – Say That You Love Me

London-born Jean Adebambo's singing career may have only marked a break from a lifetime working in healthcare, but in that brief time she made quite a name for ... >>

Jordan GCZ – Crybaby J

Although he's better known as one half of hardware techno duo Juju and Jordash, Jordan GCZ has put out some interesting solo records. Recently he was responsibl... >>

AFX – VBS.Redlof.B

Few producers have made as meaningful a contribution to the electronic music scene as Aphex Twin. Prankster, IDM pioneer and creator of one of the best electron... >>

Kadebostan – Salomé

Swiss producer Kadebostan isn't the type to usually grace underground electronic sites, turning early into his career to rather pop-friendly tech house. But bef... >>