Jessy Lanza – Oh No

To say that Jessy Lanza’s 2013 debut album was a surprise would be an understatement. The mere fact of a Canadian electro-pop project seeing release on Hyperdub... >>

DJ Zozi – Mellow Vibe

Breakbeats have long held a cherished place in dance music, starting with the surgical rhythms of DnB and the lunatic euphoria of happy hardcore. Later other us... >>
o'flynn spyglass

O’Flynn – Spyglass

Blip Discs made quite a splash last year with their opening salvo of releases. A rush of Latin drums gave 4/4-weary dancefloors a boost with O’Flynn’s magnifice... >>
kim brown wisdom is a dancer

Kim Brown – Wisdom Is A Dancer

The first album from Kim Brown, the duo of Julian Braun and Ji-Hun Kim, was a subtle kind of success story. A house LP in a staunchly conventional mould, ‘Somew... >>
floorplan music

Floorplan – Music

It speaks to the openness of the electronic music community that no one turned against Robert Hood when a clear religious undercurrent entered his music. When a... >>
omar s the best

Omar S – The Best

Halfway through Omar S’ new album is a song dedicated to Detroit’s house scene. Over a simmering disco loop Big Strick lists the players and venues that have co... >>
fabio monesi palladium

Fabio Monesi – Palladium

If L.I.E.S. is Ron Morelli’s outpost for exploring the dark underworld of dance music, sub-label Russian Torrent Versions offers straighter club tools cut from ... >>
dj octopus wet coast

DJ Octopus – Wet Coast

DJ Haus’ Unknown To The Unknown label is a well-oiled machine by this point. Every few months they issue another 90’s-referencing house EP packed with rough ban... >>
bookworms xenophobe

Bookworms – Xenophobe

Nik Dawson’s music as Bookworms has been making waves on the underground house and techno scene since his first appearance in 2012. His debut on L.IE.S. feature... >>
carl gari abdullah miniawy darraje

Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy – Darraje

Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes is one of the UK’s most reliable sources for electronic music that pushes boundaries. Whether it’s abstracted house, distortion-he... >>
pizza night vol 1 b

Various – Pizza Night Vol. 1

Canada has been responsible for a boggling amount of excellent house music recently, so it’s no surprise that a new label would attract a lot of interest. For t... >>
mall grab sun ra

Mall Grab – Sun Ra

Australia’s Mall Grab has been subject to more than a little hype over the last year, particularly in the murky underworld of lofi house forums. It’s not undese... >>
kowton utility

Kowton – Utility

While many electronic producers use the album format to create more exploratory pieces for the headphone audience, the title of Kowton’s debut album is a clear ... >>
ondo fudd blue dot

Ondo Fudd – Blue Dot

Cowbells clatter in the distance. A synth note shimmers into existence and dissipates like a mirage. A clarinet calls out, uncertain, over an undulating landsca... >>
john swing get rhytgh

John Swing – Get Rhythm

John Swing is a bit of an unsung legend of the European house scene. As a label-head he’s a pro, manning the Relative stable with his brother EMG alongside thei... >>
jayda g jaydaisms

Jayda G – Jaydaisms

Jayda Guy is the newest addition to Vancouver’s unfailing house scene, who burst out as a selector last year with her Freakout Cult parties and an ace addition ... >>
benedek coolin

Benedek – Coolin’

Los Angeles’ Nicholas Benedek stepped out as one of modern funk’s most intriguing voices with his 2013 debut album. The untitled LP for People’s Potential Unlim... >>
stereociti lost land

Stereociti – Lost Land

Berlin-based producer Ken Sumitani takes a considered approach to dance music. Over his eight-year career he’s put out 6 EPs and 2 albums, each packed with song... >>
don't dj authentic exoticism

Don’t DJ – Authentic Exoticism

Cultural critique has never found a great deal of expression in electronic music. While genres like blues, hip hop or folk have long been concerned with social ... >>