art crime still life

Art Crime – Still Life

Russia's Art Crime is one of the most underappreciated producers to emerge on the house scene in the past few years. Through a trilogy of superb EPs on W.T, Pho... >>
sleep d jackal pt 2

Sleep D – The Jackal Pt. 2

Melbourne continues to shine as the latest house music hotspot, thanks in no small part to the consistent brilliance of local labels Superconscious, Butter Reco... >>
torn hawk union and return

Torn Hawk – Union and Return

The last decade of electronic music has seen many artists tackling the cultural and social overload that our digital age has ushered in. The responses take all ... >>
olin from iceland

Olin – From Iceland

It’s not often that the Giegling label opens its doors to a new producer, particularly one from outside Germany. When fresh blood appears on a label, it’s often... >>
bryce helm persona

Bryce Helm – Persona

How can we define experimental music? We live in a time where mainstream alternative music already reaches quite strange places, where Raster Noton delves into ... >>

ItaloJohnson – ItaloJohnson 10

Italojohnson never sought to reinvent the wheel. Instead the shadowy trio producers let loose regular missives of raw, pumping house which fuse style and functi... >>
psychic mirrors nature of evil

Psychic Mirrors – Nature of Evil

It’s not unusual for artists to conceptualise their albums as soundtracks to imaginary films or landscapes. But few go as far as directing a gloriously schlocky... >>

Jessy Lanza – Oh No

To say that Jessy Lanza’s 2013 debut album was a surprise would be an understatement. The mere fact of a Canadian electro-pop project seeing release on Hyperdub... >>

DJ Zozi – Mellow Vibe

Breakbeats have long held a cherished place in dance music, starting with the surgical rhythms of DnB and the lunatic euphoria of happy hardcore. Later other us... >>
o'flynn spyglass

O’Flynn – Spyglass

Blip Discs made quite a splash last year with their opening salvo of releases. A rush of Latin drums gave 4/4-weary dancefloors a boost with O’Flynn’s magnifice... >>
kim brown wisdom is a dancer

Kim Brown – Wisdom Is A Dancer

The first album from Kim Brown, the duo of Julian Braun and Ji-Hun Kim, was a subtle kind of success story. A house LP in a staunchly conventional mould, ‘Somew... >>
floorplan music

Floorplan – Music

It speaks to the openness of the electronic music community that no one turned against Robert Hood when a clear religious undercurrent entered his music. When a... >>
omar s the best

Omar S – The Best

Halfway through Omar S’ new album is a song dedicated to Detroit’s house scene. Over a simmering disco loop Big Strick lists the players and venues that have co... >>
fabio monesi palladium

Fabio Monesi – Palladium

If L.I.E.S. is Ron Morelli’s outpost for exploring the dark underworld of dance music, sub-label Russian Torrent Versions offers straighter club tools cut from ... >>
dj octopus wet coast

DJ Octopus – Wet Coast

DJ Haus’ Unknown To The Unknown label is a well-oiled machine by this point. Every few months they issue another 90’s-referencing house EP packed with rough ban... >>
bookworms xenophobe

Bookworms – Xenophobe

Nik Dawson’s music as Bookworms has been making waves on the underground house and techno scene since his first appearance in 2012. His debut on L.IE.S. feature... >>
carl gari abdullah miniawy darraje

Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy – Darraje

Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes is one of the UK’s most reliable sources for electronic music that pushes boundaries. Whether it’s abstracted house, distortion-he... >>
pizza night vol 1 b

Various – Pizza Night Vol. 1

Canada has been responsible for a boggling amount of excellent house music recently, so it’s no surprise that a new label would attract a lot of interest. For t... >>
mall grab sun ra

Mall Grab – Sun Ra

Australia’s Mall Grab has been subject to more than a little hype over the last year, particularly in the murky underworld of lofi house forums. It’s not undese... >>