Floorplan – Music

It speaks to the openness of the electronic music community that no one turned against Robert Hood when a clear religious undercurrent entered his music. When a... >>

Omar S – The Best

Halfway through Omar S’ new album is a song dedicated to Detroit’s house scene. Over a simmering disco loop Big Strick lists the players and venues that have co... >>

Fabio Monesi – Palladium

If L.I.E.S. is Ron Morelli’s outpost for exploring the dark underworld of dance music, sub-label Russian Torrent Versions offers straighter club tools cut from ... >>

DJ Octopus – Wet Coast

DJ Haus’ Unknown To The Unknown label is a well-oiled machine by this point. Every few months they issue another 90’s-referencing house EP packed with rough ban... >>

Bookworms – Xenophobe

Nik Dawson’s music as Bookworms has been making waves on the underground house and techno scene since his first appearance in 2012. His debut on L.IE.S. feature... >>

Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy – Darraje

Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes is one of the UK’s most reliable sources for electronic music that pushes boundaries. Whether it’s abstracted house, distortion-he... >>

Various – Pizza Night Vol. 1

Canada has been responsible for a boggling amount of excellent house music recently, so it’s no surprise that a new label would attract a lot of interest. For t... >>

Mall Grab – Sun Ra

Australia’s Mall Grab has been subject to more than a little hype over the last year, particularly in the murky underworld of lofi house forums. It’s not undese... >>

Kowton – Utility

While many electronic producers use the album format to create more exploratory pieces for the headphone audience, the title of Kowton’s debut album is a clear ... >>

Ondo Fudd – Blue Dot

Cowbells clatter in the distance. A synth note shimmers into existence and dissipates like a mirage. A clarinet calls out, uncertain, over an undulating landsca... >>

John Swing – Get Rhythm

John Swing is a bit of an unsung legend of the European house scene. As a label-head he’s a pro, manning the Relative stable with his brother EMG alongside thei... >>

Jayda G – Jaydaisms

Jayda Guy is the newest addition to Vancouver’s unfailing house scene, who burst out as a selector last year with her Freakout Cult parties and an ace addition ... >>

Benedek – Coolin’

Los Angeles’ Nicholas Benedek stepped out as one of modern funk’s most intriguing voices with his 2013 debut album. The untitled LP for People’s Potential Unlim... >>

Stereociti – Lost Land

Berlin-based producer Ken Sumitani takes a considered approach to dance music. Over his eight-year career he’s put out 6 EPs and 2 albums, each packed with song... >>

Don’t DJ – Authentic Exoticism

Cultural critique has never found a great deal of expression in electronic music. While genres like blues, hip hop or folk have long been concerned with social ... >>

Panthera Krause – Umami

Panthera Krause sprung out fully formed a few years ago with a house style brimming with acoustic samples and gentle, pop-leaning melodies. After a series of so... >>

Warm Sounds – Various EP 1

While it may not have the hectic release schedule of some of the other labels that pump out raw house and techno jams, Warm Sounds never issues a dud. They’ve p... >>

D.K. – Island Of Dreams

It’s often said that culture moves in cycles. The electronic music world is an extreme example of this phenomenon, where tens of dated styles are exhumed for ev... >>

Jex Opolis – Circle Of Drums

Jex Opolis and his Good Timin’ label manage to sit just outside a number of scenes. His buttery synths and broad basslines seem to ally him with the modern funk... >>