Objekt – Objekt #3

Over three brief releases, Germany’s TJ Hertz has acquired near-legendary status amongst Berlin’s techno institutions thanks to his unerring ability to wrongfoo... >>

DJ Rashad – Double Cup

One might have assumed that with its breathless pace, demented vocal sampling and rough, DIY nature, the Chicago-born juke sound wouldn’t have the staying power... >>

Laurel Halo – Chance of Rain

Laurel Halo makes slippery music. Throughout the Hyperdub producer’s catalogue of restless electronic compositions there persists an ungraspable quality: when... >>

Raw M.T. – Raw Music Theory

While it may have started in 2011, it was around a year ago that Kiev’s Wicked Bass imprint really started coming into its own. Honing in on lofi house an... >>

Livity Sound – Livity Sound

It’s not easy for a label to gain prominence in today’s saturated market, particularly when a new imprint seems to spring up every fortnight. Bristol’s Livity S... >>

Dopplereffekt – Tetrahymena

Few Detroit producers can be said to have created a sound as singular as Gerald Donald. An electro pioneer who has experimented relentlessly over his 18 years o... >>

Simoncino – For My Father

DJ TLR’s Crème imprint has always been a singular voice in house and techno music, but their A&R department has been on a roll of late. With excellent rec... >>

Tom Trago – The Light Fantastic

Tom Trago's work has always been strongest when he melted a warm disco heart over his house concoctions, and the Rush Hour staple’s third album shows that his... >>

Special Request – Soul Music

Under his own name, Paul Woolford has proven himself a gifted producer working in the techno mould. From 2006’s pitch-black Erotic Discourse to this year’s su... >>

Alden Tyrell – Somehouse / Wurkit

Holland has a lion’s share of historic labels to its name, including the formidable likes of Crème Organization, Bunker, and Viewlexx, but few have become qui... >>

Gerry Read – U Got No Goddamn Groove

As a producer, it seems Gerry Read was born fully formed. Read’s style presented itself as a murky take on retro house grooves with a DIY feel, which was perfec... >>

R-Zone – R-Zone 06

In a recent Mosca review, White Noise questioned how much enjoyment of music relates to our faith in an artist’s name rather than the sound itself. If a fav... >>

Tessela – Nancy’s Pantry

With the release of this year’s Hackney Parrot, Ed Russell’s Tessela alias went from intriguing newcomer to blazing star in the space of a single release. The s... >>

The Field – Cupid’s Head

How far can formula take you? While some artists rejoice in reinvention, many others hit on a successful pattern and are content to rehash the sound long past i... >>

Mosca – A Thousand Years Wait

What’s in a name? It makes perfect sense that listeners will follow the music of artists they like, but this dedication to a name is not without its pitfalls.... >>

Palms Trax – Equation

2013 has already proved itself a vintage year for house music, with new artists and labels popping up almost every week. The sheer volume of new music may all... >>

Jessy Lanza – Pull My Hair Back

Of all the forward-thinking dance labels, Kode9’s Hyperdub is one of the few which seems actively concerned with pushing new female talent. Laurel Halo, I... >>

Machinedrum – Vapor City

If Travis Stewart is one thing, he’s prolific. A veteran of the New York and Berlin scenes, Stewart’s stream of strong releases is matched only by his collabo... >>

KMFH – The Boat Party

Within the context of Detroit’s storied house and techno lineage, which has spawned countless greats from Theo Parrish and Moodymann to Omar S and Carl Craig, c... >>