We’ve devoted some recent space to James Stinson’s various side projects, but the Drexciya man isn’t the only producer capable of finding warmth in the alien landscapes of electro.

Claro Intelecto may not release as frequently as some of his contemporaries, but he remains one of the techno world’s strongest voices. His eruption onto the scene was largely down to the underground success of his first EP in 2003, Peace Of Mind. The title track opens with a downcast key motif evoking the isolation of staring at earth from a porthole light-years away. They’re soon joined by a taut electro flex and a rubber bassline that tunnels under tough snares and doubled-up claps. As the track climaxes over keening synthetic strings, the power of these space station blues only intensifies: so far from everything you know, yet privileged to commune with the greater cosmos.