You might not know the name Toyin Agbetu, but you’ll probably know some of his music. From the late ’80s to the mid-90’s Agbetu produced some of the UK’s most essential dance tracks, ranging from club hits to smoky B-sides under aliases like Dark Knight, Nemesis, Andromeda and 2 Tuff. The majority of these came out on the short-lived but consistent Intrigue label, which put out almost thirty records from ’88 to ’92.

Agbetu’s music could hit hard or soft, but there was a musicality and soul threaded through each release. Deluxe was the group he formed with singer Delores Springer, who had a hit with the stripped funk of Your Lovin Drives Me Crazy. It takes a little work to track down Agbetu’s best productions, but a share of them are featured on 1990’s Produced By Nemesis compilation. One of the best is silky breakbeat roller Where R U Now, whose gentle keys and restrained vocals offer a sense of faded euphoria.