Glaswegian producer Denis Sulta has in two years shifted from obscurity to one of the city’s leading lights. His EPs for Dixon Avenue Basement Jams are house stripped raw, but with an attentiveness to catchy melodies and fun that similar artists lack. Equally capable of both elegant deep house burners and rough club bangers, he’s rightly touted as one to watch.

The seeds of these skills are evident in his debut release, the Sulta Selects EP from 2014. The B2 here was the cheekiest, grabbing a well-known Oliver Cheatham sample which he both speeds up considerably and crushes into the higher frequencies. Everything here is tinny and wired, from the bristling tics and stabs to the glowing pads, lending the cut a breakneck energy. Fast, coiled and funky, to our ears it remains Sulta’s best song to date.