It’s not like Seb Wildblood wasn’t already busy. The Londoner co-runs the prolific Church imprint alongside his newer label Coastal Haze and still makes time for his own productions. Yet he’s chosen to spin one more plate by launching the All My Thoughts label this year. The inaugural release from Australian producer DJ Heure sets a high bar for the label, delivering an arresting package of airy house.

DJ Heure was first sighted last year on Lobster Theremin offshoot Distant Hawaii, with an EP that added a candy-coated sparkle to the dancefloor. The second act has a different gloss, more like a shoulder on which to rest your rave-weary head, coming home late from the club.

Title track Outsider Resource sets the tone early, its fluttering hi-hats and soaring synth chords built on a solid breakbeat foundation. The track never seems to sit still, keeping listeners on their toes with off-beat chirps and bubbling synth flourishes.

The dreaminess carries through to Some Time Still, a churning jam like Floating Points’ Vacuum Boogie with a smoked-out junglist snare and a sprinkle of xylophone. Ironically, closer Pensively is the most club-friendly track of the bunchHere a stomping kick lures you in before Heure’s impeccable drum programming steals the show yet again.