Shed is one of the few producers whose music you can identify from just a kick drum. The German producer’s style is simple yet apparently inimitable, judging by the throngs of similar yet inferior warehouse techno mensch crowding the scene (occasionally a really good one pops up, but that’s generally when they’re not trying to be Shed).

Besides his 90’s euphoria-baiting melodies and monolithic kick drums, Shed’s best known for his expert use of breakbeats. Often he’ll wield them like a sledgehammer, but some of his best moments come from a more experimental approach to breaks.

One of the best examples is the fourth track from his album as EQD, where he coaxes breakbeats into a stumbling gait quite unlike the sleek twists of jungle and DnB. Much of the track is whirring machinery and a wiggly scifi synth, constructing a desolate ambience that is occasionally subject to an onslaught of lopsided drumwork. What’s curious is that despite the apparent clumsiness of the drums, they’re still seriously propulsive. Only Shed could make it work.