7.5Overall Score

If L.I.E.S. is Ron Morelli’s outpost for exploring the dark underworld of dance music, sub-label Russian Torrent Versions offers straighter club tools cut from the same cloth. Italian-born, London-based producer Fabio Monesi is a snug fit for the label. He’s more than proved himself with a selection of tough house EPs on Skylax, Albion and his own label Wilson, but he’s gone one better now – his entry to the Morelli camp is a career best.

The three tracks that make up the 12” are hellbent on dancefloor destruction but they offer a range of weapons. Palladium is simple but lethal, a crushing kick and skipping snares twinned with a two-note bassline that uncoils to strut across the breakdown. The killer addition is the tightly-looped female vocal, a sighing woman from a bygone era, adding an extra sweetness to the arrangement.

While the A-side may have the obvious highlight, Acid Storm is just as accomplished. Here a pensive synth loop winds across a gurgling 303 and another punishing drum workout, vocals phasing in and out as if ending a dream. Blaxter Activity isn’t quite as catchy, but the epic scifi synths and gritty four-note motif compliment its muscular rhythm perfectly. Russian Torrent Versions have always released records with DJs strictly in mind, and these murky smart-bombs for the dancefloor might be their best yet.