After a decade out of the spotlight, the last couple of years have seen French producers returning to underground dance with a vengeance. The likes of Antinote and D.KO Records have been caressing our ears with a steady flow of house and leftfield electronica, and new kid on the block Moonrise Hill Material is not far behind. Founded last year with the goal of releasing ‘poetic house music’, the label has put out three records in 2016 which expertly interweave modern house with jazz and hip hop influences. What’s special about the releases is less their structure or ingredients and more the sincerity of their feelings, the effortless evocations of their grooves.

Our favourite to date is Folamour’s Oyabun EP, which sneaked into shops in April and now fetches eye-popping prices online (though a repress is already up for pre-order). First track Novalaise is a timeless slice of after-hours house, threading an uncertain piano motif through muted horns and an outsized funky bassline. It’s a classic case of a song being more than the sum of its parts – an alchemic production that aims straight for the heart.