Matthew Herbert takes music seriously. For twenty years he’s consistently produced some of the UK’s most conceptual electronic music, much of it as groovy as its ideas are stimulating. He’s made albums out of the sounds of a pig, appliances in his kitchen and the sounds of his own body, and even come up with a personal manifesto on the ethics of sampling.

Through his career he’s tried his hand at jazz, lounge and even big band music, but some of the house tracks he produced early in his career rank among his best. A firm favourite is I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard), a sultry slice of 9pm dance with a top vocal performance from regular partner Dani Siciliano. Everything here just fits perfectly – sumptious keys and swift, brittle drumwork, all underscored by an outsized bassline. Herbert’s more thought-provoking LPs are rewarding listens, but it’s in these early singles that he secured his legacy.