7Overall Score
By this point, Girl Unit is probably the only core member of the Night Slugs crew who hasn’t fallen out of our favour at one point or another. Having already donned the Hysterics moniker for a Club Constructions EP and a few mixes, his return brings a set of taut, stylish club tracks with proven dancefloor mileage. There’s a distinct scifi aesthetic in place here. Club Life plays like space-age vogue, all jittery filtered synths, humming machinery and slick rewinds. Eye Mask’s sharply looped melodies sound like The Field if he really went for it in the club, its colour and intensity played out in staccato intervals.

Yet the most exciting tracks here are the even numbers. HTRX9 is a beast for the dancefloor, its melodies fired like lasers, while Empty is an unexpectedly soulful closer, dominated by gentle Rhodes chords, the typically twitchy Night Slugs percussion only occasionally rearing its head. In terms of club muscle and class, this is the best NS transmission we’ve had for a while.