A handful of producers have taken the opportunity to explore the more melancholy possibilities of the 303 acid sound, notably Tin Man with his Acido imprint and Recondite on his stellar On Acid LP (examined in-detail in this feature). There’s something both otherworldly and muted about a slow acid line, and it’s so emotive that it’s a surprise more producers haven’t given it a go.

One that has is Chris Roman, who issued the gorgeous Suncid last year under his J. Alvarez alias on French imprint La Beauté Du Négatif. The nine minute track is an exercise in mood and restraint, its synths draped across the plodding 4/4 like fabric, the 303 emerging and receding as if heard through mist. While you’re unlikely to hear it on a dancefloor, this is a mood piece of rare beauty.