The year has kicked off to a fantastic start, both for the electronic scene and for White Noise. Here we round up our favourite tunes from January (and a few we missed from last year) in a tidy Youtube playlist.


Starting, as one really ought to, on the funkier side of things, we’ve got smokey future-funk from Renato P and some loose-limbed house courtesy of Project Pablo & Wolfey. One of the danciest cuts from Kyle Hall’s superb new LP and a delicious discoid anthem from Al Zanders keep up the good vibes, followed by a bumpin’ throwback cut courtesy of Samo DJ and the Public Possession stable.

Things get spacey with an emotive jam from Khotin’s 1080p release and the subtle strains of LNS, whose Heart Mountain pins gorgeous keys to a menacing electro skeleton. Ending the galactic tip is Shanti Celeste, who takes us right onto the dancefloor with the highlight of her recent Future Times EP.

We get to the rough stuff with a lofi gangster jam from Rudolf C and a powerful breakbeat roller from Route 8 under his Q3A alias. Next is Raw M.T’s dangerous acid flex Richard’s Revenge whose second half is spread with a gorgeous slo-mo synthline.

Finally we get to the stranger stuff. LK’s eerie jazz on Lesa Known acts as a nice palette-cleanser and Nico Motte offers a cinematic 303 jam on his latest release for Antinote. We close out with two of our very favourite recent tracks: DJ Sotofett’s cosmic Houran, sampling Arabic instruments and rhythms, and a cruelly short slice of mucky, shimmering brilliance from Rezzett.


Renato P – Havin’ Fun Again [Must Have]

Project Pablo & Wolfey – Whatitis [Church]

Kyle Hall – Strut Garden [Wild Oats]

Samo DJ & Tzusing – Hollabackboi [Public Possession]

Khotin – Human Voice [1080p]

LNS – Heart Mountain [1080p]

Shanti Celeste – Being [Future Times]

Rudolf C – None of Y’All [Neo Violence]

Q3A – Untitled A2 [Delsin]

Raw M.T. – Richard’s Revenge [Lobster Theremin]

LK – Lesa Known [Shall Not Fade]

Nico Motte – La Figure De Rey [Antinote]

DJ Sotofett meets Abu Sayah – Houran (Percussion Mix) [FIT Sound]

Rezzett – Noklue [Trilogy Tapes]

And the inevitable one we couldn’t find on Youtube, &Co’s gorgeous jazzy Wine Cooler, the second track on the EP, streamed here from Juno: