7Overall Score

Though their status in the electronic world has grown considerably over the last two years, Giegling has not yet let the quality slip. With each successive release the tight-knit collective continue to find new refractions of the muted, emotive deep house on which they made their name. Moving into 2016, it seems their well is still far from dry.

The Weimar imprint opens the new year with a solo EP from Leafar Legov, better known as one half of Kettenkarussell, who both inaugurated the label and were responsible for one of its finest albums. Talk is his fullest solo statement to date, and cut loose from the more rhythmic work he produces with Herr Koreander, Legov’s sound is mournful and cinematic, the soundtrack to the grey quiet of a winter dawn.

The close attention to atmosphere is what impresses again and again across the EP. The songs are composed sparely yet still feel rich, their gossamer melodies and aching ambience unravelling with the luxury of time and repetition. Opener Talk is seven minutes of a gentle synth swaying back and forth, eloquent despite its minimalism, evoking the complexity of distance and loss. It’s twinned with beatless closer Mx Home, a gesture to Nils Frahm or Max Richter, whose sodden piano chords trudge on, a crackling effect in the background like a musician constantly shifting in his seat. It closes with a whisper, delicate strings offering a hope of resolution.

Only two of the five tracks here have any drums to speak of. The best is Ladder, whose drums tick like a metronome over an ominous piano. Years is a stranger, less appetising proposition, its creeping strings, clipped vox and featherweight 2step rhythm somewhat reminiscent of a troubled bedroom dubstep producer circa 2010. In spite of this misstep, the engrossing mood and filmic ambience of these cuts is worthy of a high compliment: that it is a Giegling record, through and through.