Boards of Canada hold a special place in the hearts of many electronic music fans. Their productions over the 90’s and early 2000’s hit the sweet spot between melancholy, warmth and psychedelia, fusing hip hop and electronic influences into something genuinely unique. They earned the right to be discussed in the same breath as Warp legends like Aphex Twin and Autechre. The brothers behind the music accrued a rabid fan-base, only enhanced by their image as visionary hermits making music in a Scottish forest, taking breaks only to drop acid or research numerology.

Yet even by their leftfield standards, this track is a strange one. The pair released a few mysterious tracks on compilations under the name Hell Interface, including a brutal remix of electro-funk star Colonel Abrams, but their return to remixing two years later was surprisingly accessible. The target is another 80s funk band, Midnight Star, whose optimistic vocals are strapped to a stark electro skeleton and a huge bouncing bassline. It’s still obviously a Boards of Canada track, particularly with its bittersweet synth wash, but little of their other material offered such clear dancefloor potential. It may remain an oddity in the Canadian catalogue, but it’s one we’re unlikely to forget.