Kenny Dixon Jr requires no introduction. His career has given Detroit’s house scene some of its most legendary songs, albums and sounds, and his ability to keep changing the game after more than twenty years is boggling. Many of the best-remembered date from early in Dixon’s career, but today we alight on one of his best modern cuts.

Why Do U Feel emerged in 2012 with little fanfare, an idiosyncratic house track that ignored all the rules (even the ones that Dixon himself established). Nothing works quite as you’d expect here – the aching vocal sample is punctuated by oblique flurries of drums, often at different tempos, like a collage made in haste. Rather than giving the impression of clumsiness, this track’s rough edges give it an idiosyncratic charm and a raw affect. It’s too slow and strange for the club, too brittle for a relaxed home listen, but calibrated just right to graze the listener’s heart.