It takes many producers a few releases to find their feet and their voice. Not so for Swedish synth masters Mount Liberation Unlimited. The duo’s debut, Astro Travelling Through Life, was a timeless house record, packed with loose-limbed grooves, catchy melodies and a jazzy soul. The EP’s three tracks were clearly made with love and patience, with particular attention paid to their moody intros and breakdowns. The stroke of genius paid off, and by now you’d be lucky to grab a copy of that 12” for under £50.

The duo’s return on Superconscious last year was capable if not winning, but their latest for Beats In Space is not only a return to form, it’s also a dramatic departure. Gone are the sepia-tinted samples and crunchy drums, replaced by glistening synths and glorious, maximalist arrangements. Title track (Eerie) For Your Love toes dangerously close to the line of excess, bursting with bright, bold melodies and tumbling drum figures. Synths charge unashamedly up and down the scales, while its epic structure allows for nine minutes of cinematic build and release. Yet to the duo’s great credit, Eerie never quite goes over the top. It’s an exultant, unashamedly joyous club track, accomplished with a rare sincerity.

The B-side’s Maiden Voyage is a more relaxed trip, but only relative to the flip’s pure jubilance. The drum work bristles with detail and a heavy low-end, later ornamented with rich, shining arpeggios that evoke a starry-eyed optimism. If their debut was a loving homage to past styles, this new record is staring straight ahead. It’s a testament to Mount Liberation Unlimited’s natural flair that they deal so deftly with such a marked stylistic shift.