7.5Overall Score

Blip Discs made quite a splash last year with their opening salvo of releases. A rush of Latin drums gave 4/4-weary dancefloors a boost with O’Flynn’s magnificent Tyrion, while label-head Tom Blip’s first offering drew the lines between bouncy house and richly textured hand percussion.

Now O’Flynn returns for the label’s third release which illuminates the links between Blip Disc’s complex rhythms and the rolling bass weight of the UK tradition. Oberyn, the second track that O’Flynn has named after a Game of Thrones character, is another onslaught of drums with little conventional melody to speak of. But it’s never dry – the percussion has a range of timbre that fills out the breathless ride, putting the drums of most other dance tracks to shame. Light vocal touches and elegant synth textures gloss over the breakdown, but the main accompaniment here is a lethal bass throb that underscores every acrobatic drum hit, priming the track for maximum club impact.

As with previous releases on the label, the B-side offers a dramatic shift. Spyglass is a jazzy slice of house in the Rhythm Section mould, offering warm, delicate keys and even a saxophone’s caress in the breakdown. It’s a more conventional offering but still accomplished, with busy drumwork setting it a notch above average. It also gestures impressively to the range of the Blip boys, a trait which would keep us coming back even without those killer drums.