7.5Overall Score

It’s not often that the Giegling label opens its doors to a new producer, particularly one from outside Germany. When fresh blood appears on a label, it’s often a sign that the imprint is expanding its stylistic remit. Not so with Giegling. When they welcome a new artist to the fold, it’s someone who already plays in the house key.

To be fair to Olin, aka smartbar’s DJ and talent buyer Jason Garden, his debut for the German label does offer something a little different. His previous work has flitted nimbly between styles, and here he arrives with a pair of velvety deep house edits which are a little sunnier than Giegling’s usual fare.

Both songs are nuanced and accomplished. From Iceland is the more delicate of the two, a house burner spun from gossamer threads of melody, ranging from chimes and piano to the elegant flutter of a guitar. It’s certainly a gentle song, but the arrangement, lifted from a 2002 post-rock number, is rich enough to carry you away like a butterfly on a breeze.

People Fix is angled towards the club, editing a 70’s soul cut into a moody after-hours groove. The gravelly bassline that leads gestures at a darker sound, but it’s soon lifted by a perky chime and a sturdy kick. The original’s elements are spread subtly across the track, from the rising strings of the first half to the eventual entrance of a single vocal sample which ushers in a muted, optimistic trumpet. As a moment of release it’s a quiet one, but only a skilled producer could pull it off with such style.