Even in his earliest releases, a series of scuffed techno EPs for L.I.E.S., New York producer Person Of Interest had a knack for sneaking surprisingly catchy melodies into his tunes. Over the past year he’s been letting a brightness in to his sound, starting with an ace EP for Royal Oak in 2016 and continuing on a single-sided breakbeat monster for Future Times in January. His tracks still have a tactile scuzziness to them, but with each successive release his mood seems to get sunnier and the music gets better.

His first outing on Brooklyn’s Exotic Dance Records was on a split EP with kindred spirit J. Albert last year and for the follow-up he’s going solo. The Eclipse EP sounds like the fullest exploration of Person Of Interest’s sound to date, stuffed with imaginative melodies and racing, clattering rhythms that namecheck 90’s techno, house and hardcore.

Across the EP Person Of Interest engages with a number of styles. Skyline (Angel’s Theme) is a breezy opener, its surfeit of bright melodies weighted to a heaving bassline, while the title track quickens the pulse with fluttering synths that swoop like birds. Slab Code and En Route both tread a more subdued path, with the latter showing a subtler side to his production, moving with a lightness that belies its intricate drum programming.

In dramatic style Person Of Interest saves the best til last. Lost1 rides on a wild, buoyant acid line that seems to take its cue from his 2016 cut Pompano Acid. The melody twirls merry circles around a ricocheting rhythm, cushioned by gentle strings over the track’s second half. As a closer it has the feel of a victory lap for Person Of Interest’s most accomplished, engaging record to date.