7.5Overall Score


Italian producer Raw M.T. aka Giorgio Bacchin, broke out with a bang on 2013’s excellent Raw Music Theory EP for Wicked Bass. His raw techno jams have come thick and fast since, with three EPs to his name in 2015. The best, La Duna, came out on Lobster Theremin sub-label Mörk, and was later supplemented by a furious single-sided outing so lethal that LT had to open a new catalogue name, LTFIRE.

Now Bacchin’s graduated to the main stage for the Lobster’s first 2016 volley. While on the surface he might be compared to many similar lofi practitioners, there’s something impressively distinct about Raw M.T’s music. Yes, hazy atmospheres and relentless, mucky rhythms abound, but his sound is never totally monochromatic. There is always an emotive strain of colour to these melodies, however buried, which makes these productions stand out from the crowd.

Listeners are eased in with the relatively gentle One Last Shot, where a jittery rhythm emerges and recedes from an uneasy synth loop that scythes through the background, an acid line occasionally lunging from the darkness. Sky (Rough Mix) is more confrontational, where a scifi squiggle sets a constant tension under a deep veil of melancholy tape hiss and ambience, the beat comprised of stammering kicks and crushed hi-hats. One of M.T’s gentler melodies is buried deep in the mix, just a whisper of optimism repeatedly dragged back under the surface. The digital edition also supplies a Clean Mix, which hits harder but has a little less character to its production.

It’s a strong A-side, but the smouldering title track here is certainly the main event. A menacing machine melody takes shape over the opening two minutes, and the drums have hardly resolved themselves into a regular thump when a series of mournful strings descend like ghosts over the arrangement. Bacchin’s grounding is clearly in the alien landscapes of vintage acid, but he brings his own sense of restrained tension and buried emotion to the table, in a career that just seems to get better with every release.