Villalobos bears the double-edged sword of a long association with the minimal dance scene. The genre had its big moment in the early 2000’s, faded into anti-cool territory and has recently been enjoying the buds of a resurgence, even though some labels like Perlon never stopped putting out quality music that could fly under the minimal banner.

Still, Ricardo Villalobos remains one of the world’s most-loved artists, and with good reason besides his notorious / celebrated [delete as appropriate] DJ sets. His debut album Alcachofa probably remains his most influential record, but this single from 1999 holds a special place in the hearts of many. It easily transcends the minimal label, with a steel-toed house beat and an exquisitely subtle play of vocals, rippling chords and that single taut snare. There’s a deeply introspective quality to the lengthy track, particularly via the lush strings that sweep into earshot four minutes in. It perfects that rare balance of profound feeling and irresistible groove.