When it comes to the world of disco house there’s good music, great music and then there’s Sound Stream. It’s not clear exactly what Frank Timm does so differently to his legions of imitators but his tracks are immediately distinctive. Though funky, his tunes are often built with a stripped, choppy quality that seems purpose-built for sweaty dancefloors in need of a little lightness and warmth.

In the dance scene releasing one record every two or three years is a risky path – if each track doesn’t kill, people will lose interest quickly. Yet after sixteen years and only seven EPs as Sound Stream, Timm’s music remains as relevant and powerful as ever. Today we look back to his very first release from 1999, where most of his defining traits were already apparent. Good Soul has a tough, skipping rhythm that slams out of the speakers, topped by a perfectly simple melody. It overflows with the kind of dusty club optimism that – in all the intervening years – only Timm himself has been able to top. The whole EP’s just received the repress treatment too, so grab it while you can.