May Roundup 2016

Here's our pick of the last four weeks, tracking music from the most soulful house to deconstructed techno madness via reggae, breakbeats and spiritual motivati... >>

DJ Zozi – Mellow Vibe

Breakbeats have long held a cherished place in dance music, starting with the surgical rhythms of DnB and the lunatic euphoria of happy hardcore. Later other us... >>

15 Cuts: The Canadian Riviera

Canada's west coast has been responsible for one of the most exciting local house scenes in recent years. Referencing jazz, funk and new age sounds, the loose c... >>

January Roundup 2016

The year has kicked off to a fantastic start, both for the electronic scene and for White Noise. Here we round up our favourite tunes from January (and a few we... >>

Khotin – Baikal Acid

Few local scenes have caused a stir in recent years like the house sound coming out of Canada’s west coast. There’s a gentle, daydreaming quality to the hardwar... >>

Project Pablo – I Want To Believe

Ingredients: Classic disco’s unashamed love of major-key melodies 47 minutes of chunky house beats (with a pinch of live bass) A casual nod to the scor... >>

Best Albums of 2014

We may have been afk for three quarters of the last year, but White Noise never stopped listening to music. Aside from conducting explorations into the realms... >>

Perfume Advert – Tulpa

While lofi house operators aren’t exactly hard to come by at the moment, it's generally easy to know when you've got something special. Those tuning into Perf... >>