Marshall Applewhite – Lionel Joseph

Marshall Applewhite is one of the key figures that hover around shadowy Detroit collective How To Kill. Across the label’s limited 12”s of warped house and tech... >>

Tin Man – Falling Acid

Johannes Auvinen is one of those producers who always sounds exactly like himself. Whether he's sculpting rhythms, singing along or collaborating with Gunnar Ha... >>

J. Alvarez – Suncid

A handful of producers have taken the opportunity to explore the more melancholy possibilities of the 303 acid sound, notably Tin Man with his Acido imprint and... >>

Acid Arab – Samira

Versatile's Acid Arab have spent the last few years mining the unexpectedly fertile pasture between traditional Middle Eastern music and contemporary techno. Ov... >>

Raw M.T. – Richard’s Revenge

  Italian producer Raw M.T. aka Giorgio Bacchin, broke out with a bang on 2013’s excellent Raw Music Theory EP for Wicked Bass. His raw techno jams have... >>

AFX – VBS.Redlof.B

Few producers have made as meaningful a contribution to the electronic music scene as Aphex Twin. Prankster, IDM pioneer and creator of one of the best electron... >>

Dan White & Khotin – Split

Although Candian club night-cum-label Normals Welcome has been releasing music since 2005, it’s only in the last couple of years that it’s turned to dance EPs... >>

Paranoid London – Paranoid London

Shadowy London outfit Paranoid London are about as purist as it gets. The duo draw from the rawest period of acid house without ever succumbing to throwback, ... >>