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August Roundup 2016

It's that time of the month again - all the best tunes from the last four weeks in one handy playlist. We've gone heavy on the techno in August, from sleek Detr... >>
parris skeletal 1

Parris – Skeletal

It’s always exciting to get caught in the sweep of a big musical movement. To have been there in the golden days of rave, the creative explosion of early dubste... >>
o'flynn spyglass

O’Flynn – Spyglass

Blip Discs made quite a splash last year with their opening salvo of releases. A rush of Latin drums gave 4/4-weary dancefloors a boost with O’Flynn’s magnifice... >>

Hysterics – Hysterics

By this point, Girl Unit is probably the only core member of the Night Slugs crew who hasn’t fallen out of our favour at one point or another. Having already do... >>

Hodge – HEK025

Bristol’s Hodge seems to just get better with each release. He’s already proven his diversity, deftly moving between the colourful house of Outboxx, techno medi... >>
cassius select crook

Cassius Select – Crook

DJ Haus’ stable of warped, rugged dance music UTTU has a steady hit rate, but they’ve put out so much material recently that it’s been hard to keep track. What ... >>
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January Roundup 2014

The writing may have stopped but the listening never did - we at WN have been using our time off to explore the dusty recesses of hardcore and disco, but we've ... >>
shackleton freezing opening thawing

Shackleton – Freezing Opening Thawing

Media coverage of Sam Shackleton takes constant pains to establish the singularity of his sound: Shackleton’s sound is without parallel… Shackleton still treads... >>
joe punters : club scared

Joe – Punters Step Out / Club Scared

He may not be the most prolific producer, but few survivors of the UK’s dubstep scene can rival the unerring hit-rate of Joe. Inventive and perplexing, Joe’s tr... >>
livity sound

Livity Sound – Livity Sound

It’s not easy for a label to gain prominence in today’s saturated market, particularly when a new imprint seems to spring up every fortnight. Bristol’s Livity S... >>

Summer Sessions: Bass

Regular readers will know that White Noise is primarily interested in house and techno, considering that today's 'bass music' scene rubs shoulders all-too-often... >>
simian bicep sacrificie

June / July Roundup 2013

2013 is shaping up to be the best year for dance music since White Noise began, and this summer has been incredibly exciting, particularly on the album fron... >>
genius of time love thang

May Roundup 2013

White Noise may have taken a break from writing, but we certainly never stopped listening. Before normal service resumes with a fresh set of reviews and featu... >>
call super migrant

February Roundup 2013

It's been a bumper month, here's White Noise's selection of Feburary's best dance singles. Tracklist: Motor City Drum Ensemble - Send A Prayer Pt. 1 Leon... >>

January Roundup 2013

As long as we’ve been into the UK dance scene, it has seemed to get better every single year. 2012 was a momentous one, where the scene began to properly di... >>
juju jordash

October Roundup 2012

Here are White Noise's top tunes of October, mostly in a handy Youtube playlist. Unfortunately a few of our top picks weren't available on the 'tube, so I've pu... >>
krystal klear we're wrong 2

September Roundup 2012

Fact: September has been easily the biggest, best month of dance releases we’ve had all year. Fact: White Noise has collected the vast majority of them t... >>
andres new for u

April Roundup 2012

Kicking off with more upbeat numbers as per usual, we start with Andrés’ instant classic New For U and a few choice Bass and House cuts from stalwarts XXXY and ... >>
2562-air jordan

March Roundup 2012

It’s been 2012’s biggest month yet, so here’s a selection of March’s finest tunes for anyone who missed a few or needs a catch-up. We kick off on the bri... >>