Deep House

Shinichi Atobe – Regret

Anonymity is a a double-edged sword in the electronic music world. While it's understandable that an artist may want their music to speak for itself, the trope ... >>

Neo Image – Untitled

Chad Thiessen is a name that's been associated with the Vancouver scene for some time – he's released on Mood Hut as part of the groups Aquarian Foundation and ... >>

Olin – From Iceland

It’s not often that the Giegling label opens its doors to a new producer, particularly one from outside Germany. When fresh blood appears on a label, it’s often... >>

Mr. Fingers – Outer Acid

The man commonly regarded as the greatest house producer ever doesn’t have much left to prove. That’s why it seemed to make sense more than ten years ago when L... >>

10 Cuts: Ultradeep House

Here are White Noise we have a fascination with house so deep it's almost ambient. That one perfect melody, a barely-there kick drum, music that evokes deep fee... >>

Tin Man – Falling Acid

Johannes Auvinen is one of those producers who always sounds exactly like himself. Whether he's sculpting rhythms, singing along or collaborating with Gunnar Ha... >>

Royer – Way Silent

If you didn’t know better, you’d think that William Thurman had been in the house game for a long time. His deep house output as Royer is playful and confident,... >>

S. Moreira – MIA

Berlin's Slow Life collective is gathering steam like nobody's business, with an RA feature and a compilation on the way after only five releases. It just goes ... >>

J. Alvarez – Suncid

A handful of producers have taken the opportunity to explore the more melancholy possibilities of the 303 acid sound, notably Tin Man with his Acido imprint and... >>

Leafar Legov – Talk

Though their status in the electronic world has grown considerably over the last two years, Giegling has not yet let the quality slip. With each successive rele... >>

Ingleton Falls – Mind Yer Head

When Ingleton Falls' cassette 'Champagne In Mozambique' was released in 1993, the tape was housed inside a hollowed-out book from the (fictional?) Ingleton Fall... >>


The deep house sound of the early 90's is having a huge renaissance at the moment, with dreamy synthwork, live instrumentation and crunchy hardware rhythms find... >>

Deep House Introspective

When is dance music not dance music? Is the dance genre defined by its key sonic characteristics or by its actual use in the club context? Journalism and disc... >>