young msrco selectors

Young Marco – Selectors 002

A common complaint of the dance scene is that good DJs are expected to be good producers, and vice versa, when the two require very different skills. Typically ... >>
lord of the isles parabolas of neo

Jan / Feb Roundup 2017

We missed out on our monthly roundup in January, so now you've got all the best from the year's first couple of months in one tight playlist. It starts out dark... >>

10 Cuts: Arabesque

As Islamaphobia and the refugee crisis continue to occupy the headlines, it's easy to feel that the relationship between Europe and the Middle East is dominated... >>
floorplan music

Floorplan – Music

It speaks to the openness of the electronic music community that no one turned against Robert Hood when a clear religious undercurrent entered his music. When a... >>
pizza night vol 1 b

Various – Pizza Night Vol. 1

Canada has been responsible for a boggling amount of excellent house music recently, so it’s no surprise that a new label would attract a lot of interest. For t... >>
ago for you

Ago – For You

A blinding slice of disco funk from Italy circa 1982. The vocals are a little hilarious, from the man's ropey accent to the near-nonsense lyrics of the verse, b... >>
jean adebambo say that you love m

Jean Adebambo – Say That You Love Me

London-born Jean Adebambo's singing career may have only marked a break from a lifetime working in healthcare, but in that brief time she made quite a name for ... >>
kiki gyan 24 hours in a disco

Kiki Gyan – 24 Hours In A Disco

Once hailed as Ghana's brightest musical talent, set to conquer the world, Kiki Gyan's decline due to drugs and excess after only a few releases is a sad story.... >>
thief that stole

The Thief That Stole My Sad Days

Our main man Moth has come up with another sweet mix, this time charting some chilled summer house and disco, with a lot of WN favourites in the mix. Listen her... >>
nebraska stand your ground

Nebraska – Stand Your Ground

New York’s Mister Saturday Night has been a little quiet lately following the release of a label-defining compilation and mix CD last year. While they might be ... >>
tiger woods scoring clubs

Tiger & Woods – Scoring Clubs

After erupting on the scene in 2011 with their superb brand of slo-mo boogie and powerful disco edits, vaguely anonymous duo Tiger & Woods have taken thei... >>
big doint

FIO, BD, MM – BD01

Berlin, London, New York, Detroit, Chicago… Adelaide? Not many associate Australia with a forward-thinking dance scene, but a clutch of Antipodean artists have ... >>