June / July Roundup 2016

We didn't do a roundup at the end of June because of our series on the best of 2016 so far (which you should really check out), so here's a bumper edition, the ... >>

Aphex Twin – Cheetah

Richard D James has been making up for lost time since his re-emergence in 2014. After almost a decade of silence the last two years have brought an avalanche: ... >>

Powder – Afrorgan

The debut year of the producer known as Powder was about as fine a beginning as you could hope for. A pair of records on ESP Institute and Born Free marked a ta... >>

Vito Ricci – Getting There

There are a number of seriously excellent labels reissuing forgotten gems at the moment and - for our money - Amsterdam's Music From Memory is the best. The imp... >>

Domenique Dumont – Comme Ca

Unpredictability is always a double-edged sword in the dance world. On the one hand, it’s great to be caught off guard by something great, but sometimes a produ... >>

Romare – Projections

What do we tend to expect from a debut electronic LP? With a few solid EPs under his or her belt, most producers head in one of two directions for their fir... >>

Anthony Naples – P O T

After Anthony Naples emerged last year with his anthemic disco cut Mad Disrespect on Mister Saturday Night, it remained to be seen whether the Brookylnite’s tal... >>

Laurel Halo – Chance of Rain

Laurel Halo makes slippery music. Throughout the Hyperdub producer’s catalogue of restless electronic compositions there persists an ungraspable quality: when... >>

The Field – Cupid’s Head

How far can formula take you? While some artists rejoice in reinvention, many others hit on a successful pattern and are content to rehash the sound long past i... >>

Jessy Lanza – Pull My Hair Back

Of all the forward-thinking dance labels, Kode9’s Hyperdub is one of the few which seems actively concerned with pushing new female talent. Laurel Halo, I... >>

Machinedrum – Vapor City

If Travis Stewart is one thing, he’s prolific. A veteran of the New York and Berlin scenes, Stewart’s stream of strong releases is matched only by his collabo... >>

April Roundup 2012

Kicking off with more upbeat numbers as per usual, we start with Andrés’ instant classic New For U and a few choice Bass and House cuts from stalwarts XXXY and ... >>

March Roundup 2012

It’s been 2012’s biggest month yet, so here’s a selection of March’s finest tunes for anyone who missed a few or needs a catch-up. We kick off on the bri... >>

Feature: Vocal Exercises

Vocal sampling. The act of cutting a human voice from source audio and repurposing it in a new piece of music. It’s become fairly normal to hear a vocal sample ... >>