Arabesque Mix

This is a bit of a personal mix for me. Though I normally DJ house and techno, I wanted to make a mixtape of some of the music I discovered when I spent three y... >>

Jex Opolis – Ravines

If Canadian producer Jex Opolis really has had "a long and painful musical history", as his Discogs profile claims, you'd never guess it from listening to his m... >>

April Roundup 2017

While the arrival of a new Kendrick Lamar album left us with slightly less time for club sounds this month, we still found some treasures during a little downti... >>

Psychic Mirrors – Nature of Evil

It’s not unusual for artists to conceptualise their albums as soundtracks to imaginary films or landscapes. But few go as far as directing a gloriously schlocky... >>

Nightwind – Later For That

Today we're digging up a red-hot slice of funk from back in '82. Nightwind were a popular St. Louis session band at the beginning of the decade, releasing a cou... >>

Ago – For You

A blinding slice of disco funk from Italy circa 1982. The vocals are a little hilarious, from the man's ropey accent to the near-nonsense lyrics of the verse, b... >>

Benedek – Coolin’

Los Angeles’ Nicholas Benedek stepped out as one of modern funk’s most intriguing voices with his 2013 debut album. The untitled LP for People’s Potential Unlim... >>

Pools – Skate

Today's tune is a serious secret weapon from Los Angeles' Pools duo, aka Thee Mike Bee and DJ Morsecode. It was released on the seemingly-defunct Spills label, ... >>

Les Edits Du Golem – Klout

What do you need to do to a 70's South African girl group tune to make it cool again? Very little, apparently. For their first release, formidable French outpos... >>

Tongi – He’s On The Run

Not much is known about Tongi, but this ultra-rare slice of funk from '83 will leave you wanting to investigate further. Strapped to the sultry groove are a set... >>

Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue

Edinburgh's Athens Of The North imprint has put out a stellar run of funk reissues since it opened in 2014, including this classic, but for our money the best s... >>

Summer Sessions: Funk and Soul

For today's summer playlist we have a selection of the funkiest classics that have been used and re-used in contemporary dance tracks. Expect to hear a lot of... >>