It’s not exactly a new observation that cultural tastes are cyclical, each generation cannibalising the art of the last, but at the moment the adage seems more pertinent than ever. As our crate-digging DJs receive wider recognition and the music of the past is more easily accessible, producers spend a lot of time looking backwards, resulting in as many dreary rehashes as exciting reinvigorations.

While a few years ago everyone was giving banging 90’s house a facelift, now the focus is on that decade’s deeper, more ambient material, which fits in perfectly with a lot of new, retro-leaning productions, particularly from the Vancouver scene. One of the artists most deserving of a reinvestigation is Joe Turri, who worked with Ray Castoldi on a number of fantastic deep house releases in ’92. Intriguingly, Castoldi has worked as the organist at Madison Square Gardens since 1989.

One of their best is this cut from The Strength EP. It’s dominated by a mammoth bassline and deft rhythms, but that dance power is contrasted by its feathered synths that seem always about to take flight.