With secure ‘legend’ status and an exhaustive series of reissues courtesy of Clone, there’s no worry that Drexciya’s music is going to go out of style. From the icy electro sound that Gerald Donald and James Stinson pioneered to the impressive depths of the fictional mythology which surrounded the project, Drexciya was an artistic vision of a scope and clarity we rarely see in the electronic music world.

But it wasn’t the men’s only project. Donald went on to do great work as Dopplereffekt while Stinson put out a variety of projects that experimented with the snapping electro rhythms and synthetic melodies of his core work as Drexciya. One of the best-remembered side projects was The Other People Place, whose classic album Lifestyle Of The Laptop Café softened his trademark sound and added a warmth of feeling that a lot of his more cerebral, robotic material lacked.

While the album is composed almost entirely of great tracks, one of the most moving is You Said You Want Me, whose tumbling arpeggio glitters under a sky of synthetic strings, a female vocal intoning the track’s title in a voice part disaffected, part desperate. With little progression and no in/outro to speak of, it’s almost like a sketch – the endless, mechanical repetition of love lost, of wanting to be wanted.