7.5Overall Score
After erupting on the scene in 2011 with their superb brand of slo-mo boogie and powerful disco edits, vaguely anonymous duo Tiger & Woods have taken their sweet time over each release. As a result, each new record comes as something of an event, and since each is as good as the last, we’re happy to wait.

Celebrated DJs as well as producers, David Woods and Larry Tiger (almost certainly pseudonyms in themselves) go beyond the average disco edit. There’s a precision funk to their work, soaked in warmth but not lacking in heft, and here the pair move from their elicit bootleg white labels to full-on legitimacy, sampling two classics from the discography of Italian label Full Time Records,

A-side The Stopper has the pair on classic form, as a weighty bassline wiggles out over a sturdy, deliberate drum pattern and swift guitar riffs scooped from Kano’s Don’t Try To Stop Me. The duo tend to go for slow builds, here perfectly executed as the earworm vocal enters amid gasps that you might just echo yourself. The Matrix-sampling flip, Fox In The Box, is a squelchier late night affair, its diva vocals cut to an orgasmic wisp, with a hobnailed kick drum and a rave siren that’ll make you feel like you’re coming up hard even if you’re nowhere near a club. Scoring Clubs shows Tiger & Woods on as fine form as ever, pure disco killer.