There’s been a recent flurry of club cuts with tribal drumwork, and not all of it has been top notch. One producer who’s certainly got it right is Tolouse Low Trax, aka Detlef Weinrich, resident DJ at Salon Des Amateurs in Dusseldorf.

Early this year he released a brilliant new EP, whose title track has been doing the rounds at Europe’s parties. The percussion alone is a thing of wonder – a busy weave of metallic clanks, rubbery toms and skittering hand percussion that chugs along at 108bpm (but sounds great sped up, too).

There’s no melody to speak of. Instead colour and texture is provided by the timbre of the drums and a series of mind-expanding vocal snips. These voices, which throw around concepts liked winged ideas and investigations of rituals, serve only to turn up the humidity and mysticism of the arrangement. By stripping back, Weinrich has tapped into a rich vein of trances and shamans in one of the year’s most singular dance cuts so far.