Minimal isn’t exactly in fashion at the moment, but that might be a good thing for the genre. When a style is off-trend there’s less pressure and more interesting, experimental work can take place. Horror Inc’s superb Briefly Eternal album proved that there’s life in the old horse yet, and this month French producer Traumer has delivered one of the most interesting minimal records of recent years.

The highlight of the release on his own label Gettraum is Classroom, a rolling confection of sophisticated, Afro-leaning polyrhythms that would make for a great track as a pure drum workout. But Traumer takes it a step further, incorporating a childlike vocal somewhere between sweet and eerie for a dramatic breakdown. When the drum comes back in there’s no huge drop, just a smart snap back onto the beat, accompanied by a few mystical flute trills. This one’s a classic in the making, get it while it’s hot.