Kiev’s Wicked Bass imprint has a strong history sourcing new talent. They issued debut releases from the likes of Huerco SRaw M.T. and Innershades, artists who have since climbed the ranks to become regular fixtures at European labels and clubs. Label-head Noizar’s latest discovery is Dmytrij Wullfius, who brings a trio of off-kilter club jams all the way from the Crimea.

There’s a common thread running through Wicked Bass’ music. The tracks are generally club-focused, hovering undecidedly on the border between house and techno. They pack a rough, improvised energy with an unabashed weirdness that’s always fresh. Wulffius’ debut is no different, offering three distinctive flavours that are better the odder they get.

The EP seems to get off on the wrong foot. Opener Rand Ohm Case is a beetling slice of Detroit-influenced techno, all burbling bleeps and ticking percussion, but the arrangement lacks a sense of motion, the soft psychedelia of its synth wash not quite adding enough spice.

The record’s other tracks are much stronger. Both take a haunted approach to dance music, particularly highlight In The Pines’ Crowns, which sounds like the soundtrack to a deserted saloon in a spaghetti western ghost town. Here the drums stammer and jam with giddy abandon, ruled over by a high, reedy synth line eloquent of the frontier.

Closer Raindrops On The Window Sill is just a sketch but it’s equally entrancing, welding a liberated organ motif to a taut techno skeleton that deserves to swell beyond its three-minute runtime. It may not be a perfect release, but Noizar clearly knows promising talent when he sees it, and it’s always a pleasure to hear a new voice on the scene.