The German and Belgian EBM and industrial scenes in the early 1990s were a period of fertile growth for electronic music. Having been usurped by sleeker styles in the following decades, only recently have the distorted melodies and lurking aggression of EBM started to come back into style. These sounds bear more than a passing resemblance to the lofi house and techno plied by the likes of the L.I.E.S. collective, and a handful of contemporary labels such as Dark Entries have recently taken to reissuing some of the early 90’s classics.

One such band who could use a reissue treatment are German group X Marks The Pedwalk, who tackled an impressive range of styles over their ten-year reign in the industrial world, largely working with Germany’s Zoth Ommog imprint.

While a lot of their tracks barely contained a rough, raucous energy, today’s track is a B-side which shows Pedwalk at their most delicate. A simmering synthline reminiscent of techno melodies that would only come much later, a slamming rhythm that still retains a sense of subtlety, and soaring strings for the close, this timeless cut is due for a revival and would fit perfectly into many a modern set.