A selection of tunes from the White Noise vaults to evoke that special summer chill – from ambient to balearic, downtempo and 90s synthscapes. Music to soothe your body when everything looks a little too bright.

The playlist is inspired by the warmer, funkier side of ambient music, where new age influences meet acoustic instrumentation. Not every track is beatless, but few pack rhythms for the dancefloor. This is a playlist for the quiet golden hours, a hymn for the dawn.

The first few cuts are from some of our favourite producers for profound chill – people like Suzanne Kraft, Benedek and Andras Fox (here in a trio with Andrew Wilson and John Tanner). After some necessary cuts from labels like International Feel, Antinote and Mood Hut, the selection tails out with a few older tracks from classic 90’s producer John Beltran (here as Placid Angles) and Derrick Carter (as Symbols & Instruments). The last track is a gorgeous play of tones from Japanese ambient pioneer Hiroshi Yoshimura.

Wilson Tanner – Sun Room
Suzanne Kraft – Flatiron
CS + Kreme – Devotion
Benedek – Angelus Vista
Wolf Müller & Cass. – Miyazaki
John Roberts – Chalkdust
Blue Heron – Paul’s Blues (ft. Coyote)
18 Rays – Long Time Ago
Gaussian Curve – The Distance
Domenique Dumont – Le Château de Corail
Pacific Coliseum – Wave Catalyst (Low Tide)
Symbols & Instruments – Mood (Metaphysical Mix)
Placid Angles – Everything Under The Sun
Vito Ricci – The Ship Was Sailing
吉村弘 – Dance PM