Jan Schulte is a drums man. Just like the rest of his Düsseldorf crew, who revolve around the club Salon Des Amateurs and the label Themes for Great Cities, Schulte produces music that skates freely between genres, with deft drumwork nearly always at its core. Schulte has tried on a number of styles in the past, proving equally adept at tropical ambience (his album as Wolf Müller with Cass. for International Feel) and raw discoid workouts (his first EP as Bufiman for Veratile). But it’s the drums he keeps coming back to – detailed and full of tribal influences, rhythms that could practically carry a track by themselves.

Schulte’s returned to drumwork on his new EP as Bufiman, his first on Dekmantel. Peace Moves is probably the biggest track he’s put his name to so far – a sturdy club cut fashioned from shifting drums, dramatic strings and synths that rise like bubbles through water. He gets even more aquatic on the Pulse Mix, where the tempo is dialled down for a deeper trip that directs attention to the intricacies of his production without losing any heft.

It’s accompanied by Graffiti Moves, a freewheeling house cut whose lopsided gait carries hand drums and a curious melody that sounds like someone playing a sheet of corrugated iron. Remix duties are handed to Schulte’s frequent collaborator Tim Schumacher, aka DJ Normal 4, who he recently teamed up with for a superb EP on Aiwo. Schumacher recasts Peace Moves as a peak 90’s club smash, throwing in a tunnelling bassline, snatches of acid and a ragged breakbeat to destructive effect. It’s a 12″ of club weapons with a real sense of humour and optimism, a quality Schulte and Schumacher seem to nail every time.